Single-purpose machines
and equipment


We supplied PHA Czech s.r.o. workplace for assembly of parts in Automotive.

These are three separate workplaces. Two of them are together connected.  The first workplace is for the nuts and sliding bushes are pressed. The second workplace was designed for pressing a screw. At the third workplace, these parts are assembled. Here there is riveting and screwing in the shear bolt. The workplaces were designed with the replacement of foundation pallets with regard to the other two projects.

Workplace for assembling electrical switches for Automotive

Workplace for lubricant application

Equipment for testing glued joints

The product is semi-automatic, with the help of pneumatic mechanisms. It is also adapted to two product sizes.

Description of the function: The operator creates a part. The sensor evaluates the insertion of parts and starts the process. The suction cup with adjustable weight comes out  and sucks on the tested part. Then the pneumatic cylinder is released and the force is transmitted by the suction cup to the glued joint. The operator evaluates whether the connection is OK/NOK.

PCB testing equipment

Workplace for long-term load test of amplifiers